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GoPro Passport is an initiative by GoPro and White Collar Hippie exclusively for Reliance Digital customers to encourage travelers and the GoPro community to embark on awesome and uniquely curated outdoor experiences, that are best documented and shared using your GoPro.

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Incredible Outdoor & Offbeat experience

White Collar hippie is about bringing you incredible outdoor and off beat travel experiences We want to be sursprised, humbled and transformed by the journeys we embark on and we want you to come along with us.

Our Upcoming Trips Get up to 25% off on the first trip

Windrush Rising

Trek, cycle, paraglide through Mcleodganj- Bir, Billing to experience the culture and people of the land

The Great Karnataka Journey

A journey through the land of Karnataka to explore some bouldering ruins, rainforests and surfing turfs.

Ride Into The White

A journey through the landscape of Kutch to discover its ruins, history, wildlife and cultures- culminating in a cycle ride to Great White Dessert on